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I came home on a Monday nignt from work to find my gas had been turned off for some unknown reason. I called ONG and the Rep said she could find no reason why it was off and would send someone out ASAP to turn it back on.

While I was waiting for them to show up (took about an hour for them to come) I found a note in my yard from ONG stating that I had a gas leak. This was the first time I had heard this so I asked the Rep when he came what was going on, he said they were going to fix the leak at no cost to my landlord and move the gas meter closer to the house. I asked him when this would occur and he said he had no idea.

The Rep indicated the area where they would be moving the meter too. It was near the house and right in my flower bed! It was my intention to dig up some of my elephant ears (which I had spent $8 each on) and relocate them on Veterans Day because I would be off work and it would be nice weather to do it. I wanted to get this done before they showed up to dig up my yard. I'll be danged if I did not wake up on November 11th to find that they were digging in my yard, had already dug up my flowers and had cut a water line in the process! This means I have no heat, no water and NO COFFEE!

They began at 8:00 this morning, the crew that was hired to move the meter has since fixed the water and moved the meter and gone. I am now waiting on the Rep to turn my gas back on and it has been over an hour since he was called and told to do so. Since it is now 11:45 he probably won't show up until after lunch.

I feel that ONG should have warned its customers when they were going to be inconvenienced and why. I have seen them digging up yards all over town and was told it was not because of a "gas leak" but because ONG wants to charge other gas companies should customers decide to switch providers for the amount of line that is run to the meter. If in fact this is the only reason ONG is moving the meters and disrupting customers lives and destroying their personal property then I think that really stinks!

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they told us we had a leak too. They put in a temporary line.

Then came back, dug up my yard, hammered my concrete and put a new huge meter smack dab in the middle of my small patio. It's kind of in a walk way. It's where I also had a sitting area.

We are furious because they have lowered our property value. My question is, why didn't they put it in the same place at the back of our lot?


Because of the smart remarks send ONG corporate a Ryder truck load of fertilizer.


ONG repaired your leak free of charge. You don't have to be there while the line is being moved and if you aren't there for your appointment ONG will come out 24/7 to get the gas back on.

It's terrible that the contractor hit your water line and repaired it as soon as possible so your water service would be restored as soon as possible. Also moving the meter to the house is a convenience to the customer. If you ever have a fencing company or plumber doing work in your back yard and they hit your line.

Your going to be without gas till they get it fixed if the meter isn't against the house. If it is against the house ONG will be there within an hour or sooner to repair the leak and get your service restored.


Stop being cry babies and pay your dang bills. Most people who have a complaint about ONG do NOT pay their bills and actually have gotten it cut off.

When you get your gas disconnected they will not come the same day and turn on but when it is your scheduled time. If you pay your bill this wouldn't happen to you.

to ONG LOVER #917755

You sir or mam are an i d i o t. They shut off the gas due to a leak not for not paying the bill.Learn how to read the whole complaint.

to mi #1250599



Pour Baby, Look a gift horse in the mouth/ Fixed your leak, Installed a gas line untill fw years ago would have cost you $1000.00 and a hour to get to your house, well CRY BABY


Ong is a gas co, not a plumber. When you find a leak you should repair it, going to cost around $1000 to get a kickout valve installed so ONG can move the meter to the house.

Please dont put yourself out by helping anyone.

Always paid my bills on time. THANKS ONG!!


ONG came out on 3/26 to change the meter so that they can drive down the street and ping the meter instead of having a meter reader. They discovered a tiny leak.

They turned off my gas during this cold weather and told me that someone would be here to fix the gas leak within 3 business days. That leaves me without gas for up to 5 days. No shower, no cooking, no heat! On Monday I called to try to find out when someone would be out because I have to be here.

So took Monday off work. After 2 calls (with a 12 minute wait on one and a 15 minute wait on the other) I finally found out that they scheduled me for Friday! They will not tell me whether they will be here in the morning or afternoon so I have to take another day off work! This is SO frustrating!

ONG had record profits last year and they have cut their call center staff and now only have contract labor fixing their gas leaks. Who knows what kind of job those guys will be doing!!!

AAAAAAAGGGGGG! I shutter to think what they will do to my yard!

to Lola #815433

Your gas is already off. You don't have to be there for them to fix the gas and leave it off.

The contractor doesn't turn your gas back on anyways. So ONG would have to set up an appointment with you to have a technician come out to turn the gas back on. Since ONG is the reason your gas is off they will come out 24/7 to get it back on for you.

Also sorry that ONG found a small gas leak that could escalate to a large leak and may be exaggerated by you to get sympathy for your story. Also they put those electronic indexes on the meter to prevent meter readers from injury and make it mor convenient for them.


ONG is a MONOPOLY. They have NO competition in North Eashtern Oklahoma if your home is already built and set up for gas heat.

You would have to spend thousands to convert from gas heat to electric or solar. They know that and they have no reason to be courteous or provide decent customer service.

In the Tulsa Area there is no other gas company to go to! FACT.


I agree ONG could care less about customer service. The area I live ONG is the ONLY Gas Service Provider, so they have NO incentive to do the right thing. They are a Monopoly who has the Corporation Commission Full Support to do what they want in my opinion.

You might try contacting the Oklahoma Corporation Commision concerning this regulation:

Rule 165:45-92 states It shall be the duty and responsibility of the utility to make reasonable effort to notify all affected consumers when the gas supply is to be turned of, (b) Whenever service is interrupted, other than under emergency conditions, the interruption shall be made whenever possible at a time which will cause the least inconvenience to consumers.

I would not expect them to do much though. They will probably excuse ONG's behavior by saying this was "a management decision" not a violation of a regulation.

Sorry about you situation with your yard.

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