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Today laying down with my 2 yr old daughter for her nap, the dogs start going crazy out back. I let them go for a while until I heard someone whistling at them.

Just thinking it was my neighbors trying to quiet them, I went and let them in. As I turn back to head back to the room, a man hops my fence on our surveillance. Right next to the room my daughter was napping in with the windows open. I ran back there for protection because I had no idea who this man was.

No knock on the door, no notice or anything, so I automatically assumed it was someone wanting in the house. He snuck around our shed looking for our dogs. I then watched him make his way to our gas thing by the pool. I popped my head out confused and asked what he was doing, why he didnt knock, and why we didn't get a notice.

He was at the back of the yard so I didn't feel unsafe at that point. His excuse... He didn't see any cars in the drive so he assumed hopping the fence with a loaded gun in the house was a better idea.

Either he shouldn't have done that or ong needs to get their stuff straight before someone gets hurt entering the back yard without any notification. He also wasn't wearing the yellow vest as previous employees have.

Review about: Oklahoma Natural Gas Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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why do you have a loaded gun in a house with a child that is young enough to be "put down to sleep"? Shouldn't the ammo and gun be stored separately when you have children in the house?

Did you call the company and ensure that they actually sent someone out? There are people that pretend to be from Comcast all the time, and then burglarize the home.

to DH #1421198

For one I know everything about gun safety and it is stored properly on the top shelf in my closet if you must ask. I am also trained on how to properly use a fire arm.

She was laying down I'm my bed, in my room, with me. Personally that is none of your business.

It has been taken care of. Thanks.

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