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I am very disgusted at the way that ONG does business. Their "field supervisors" are liars and heartless.

I was robbed on Saturday evening, October 3rd. Could not get ahold of anyone in the ONG office in order to make an arrangement. Monday Morning I was up at 3 am waiting to be able to call and make arrangements. At 8am they were there to turn the gas off.

The fiedl officer didn't turn it off.

But his supervisor came out, called the police, animal control and lied through his teeth so that he could turn the gas off. The police should not have gotten involved as it was a CIVIL matter.

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Is there not something we can do as consumers to put an end to ONG's tatics and ripoffs? :( :?

to AngelMarie Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States #586055

Yes pay your bill. Never had my serv off in 33 years

to May #1159893

Some of us fall on hard times and I hope you do soon


I received a bill in the amount of 3600.00 from ONG. NO, that is not a typo, my bill was OVER three thousand dollars.

Apparently they have been sending me "estimated" bills for the past 13 months and they "under estimated". I call it robbery and I am disgusted! I am 6 months pregnant and I have been forced to pay two thousand dollars of the "past due amount" in order to keep my service from being shut off and then having to pay the full amount due plua a reconect fee. I have paid what they bill me EVERY month in good faith that they were billing the correct amount each month.

I have ALWAYS paid my bills to them. Now suddenly I am supposed to believe they accidentaly under billed me for the past year!? There is NO possible way I have used over 3000 dollars worth of gas in the past year! I had them come out and check for leaks and they found nothing.

I just paid 2000 dollars and have to pay out the remaining 1000+ dollars they claim I owe. I am devistated!

I have just been forced by these cruel thieves to use money that was to go toward a crib, etc., for my baby that is due in September. :(


Solar power just keeps looking better and better! ONG is the first utility company I've used in the 30 years I've been paying bills that will send a CUT OFF notice if a payment is 2-3 days late!! These guys are a piece of work!


I forgot to mention ONG is a Monopoly. They have NO competition in the north eastern part of Oklahoma.

They know they have no reason to be anything but heartless, because the consumer has no other gas company to go to! I wish that would have been included in the information this site list about ONG.


I agree with AngelMarie, ONG is heartless and there are rude, ignorant reps. But it is this writer’s opinion ONG chooses to disconnect consumers Gas service over working with long term customer so they can EXTORT outrageous deposit amounts, on top of the $25.00 reconnect fee. This is approved by the people on top and ignored by the agency that is supposed to regulate Monopolies! Does ONG care if consumers that are elderly, or disabled or with children freeze to death. NO!!!!!!

Do not expect much help from ONG due to the LI-HEAP program. Li-Heap only pays a small portion of the winter GAS bill and ONG can still disconnect the consumers gas in the winter months if the temp gets above 33 degree for two days but then goes back to freezing on the 3rd day.

Please do not ask for a deferred arrangement over your regular due date or you will not be considered a “good customer” in the eyes of the Corporation Commission. Don’t miss a payment because you are in the hospital! ONG will make sure you end up in the morge in the person’s opinion!

Here is a list of the regulations ONG violate with the approval of the Corporation Commission the agency charged with regulating them and the only agency a consumer can go to with complaints about the monopoly. The corporation commission excuses these violations under the guise they “are management decisions not violations”.

Rule 165:45-92 states It shall be the duty and responsibility of the utility to make reasonable effort to notify all affected consumers when the gas supply is to be turned of, (b) Whenever service is interrupted, other than under emergency conditions, the interruption shall be made whenever possible at a time which will cause the least inconvenience to consumers.

G. The disconnect notice that is sent should list the “approved charges for reconnection” on the notice per165:45-11-16 regulations. (They never show this)

These things should be on the seperate disconnect notice which ONG does not send.

H. 24 hr written notice given to the consumer per regulations.

I. The notice should list the possibility of deferred arrangements.

J. The disconnect notice should include A statement that advises the consumer of the elderly consumer with disabilities notification. (they violate this)

K. The disconnect notice should include A statement that advises the consumer of the life-threatening certificate.

L. A statement that advises the consumer of the availability of the 20-day financial aid assistance delay. (they violate this)

M. A statement that advises the consumer of the availability of a list of agencies providing assistance to consumers for their utility bills as identified by OAC 165:45-11-12.

N. A statement that advises the consumer, that a list of pay agents is available upon request.

O. The disconnect notice should list the “approved charges for reconnection” on the notice per165:45-11-16 regulations.

I agree there are some rude, ignorant reps with ONG, but their behavior is validated by the very organization that is supposed to protect the consumer. A class action lawsuit is the only things that will stop this corrupt company tactics.

What do you expect from a company that is tied to ENRON!



This is how they are. They lack in morals and business ethics.


ONG complaints from customers, well we are not customers. No one would treat a customer the way ONG does.

They must cut you off-they need the $25. reconnect. I have found that at least 98% of there employees, going under the name of customer service are rude, crude and have no compassion.

I always wondered where the people who failed the GED exam went to work. Now we know Oklahoma Natural Gas, customer service.

to Barbra Orr #815437

Most of the complaints from CUSTOMERS are complaints about their gas being shut off because the bill was due. Oh and they didn't get a shut off notice.

Funny how you should know a bill is due every month and make that payment before the due date. Great show of class to belittle people doing a job by saying they couldn't get their GED. I can tell you've had your gas shut off more than once. Also to be a monopoly you have to have no other options but to deal with just that company.

ONG is strictly natural gas.

If you don't like the company go total electric. Good luck with those not uncommon power outages.

to Anonymous #1159894

I guess we know where you work

to Anonymous Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #1320507

You just stated a monopoly, smart one. Since ONG is all natural and there are no other options, it is monopolized!!!!

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